Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Monday !

Okay, so technically it's Sunday but we have been having a bit of trouble connecting lately. Our cable company has "upgraded" it's system, added faster mbps and new things you can order...oh and they "upgraded" the cost. What they didn't do was upgrade the equipment to be able to handle all the upgrades. SO I thought I'd better get this posted just in case...

LOOK LOOK LOOK look at the precious pillow and bird in a frame I got from The Odd Sparrow ! I loooooove them, they are too too shabby and too too precious and in my favorite colors. You should go take a look at them on her webshop. The pictures do not do them justice.

It's going to be a busy week for me because I'm getting ready to do a Christmas show AND this week is my I get treated extra extra special and don't hardly have to cook or anything...but I DO have to get stuff together for the show.

You know, it takes a LOT of talent to get a month behind in just one day...and I am super talented in that area.

My wish for you: May you get a month AHEAD in just one day. (())


Craft Diva said...

if i got a month ahead in one day, i would still be a month behind, i think... that's what happens when you start every day 2 months behind - LOL!

thank you for showing the set. i am so very happy that you love them. i do too. they are so fun to make too. i'll be having more to post soon, but if anyone wants to order the set that francie has, which is not in stock currently, let me know and i will make yours up special!!!

hope your internet straightens out. i miss you...and i know how frustrating it is!


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

you are always a winner in my book Francie. Happy Birthday to a very special lady and best of luck with the show. I am feeling so overwhelmed right now because there is so much going on...but I guess I brought in on all by little old self. Happy Birthday again!! xo

Graceful Rose said...

Francie, I love you basket display. how clever! I can't wait to see your cupcakes, pies and other goodies. Good luck at your show.