Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Seven Things?

Several sweet blogger buddies have tagged me to name 7 things about myself, the latest is sweet Sabre the Heirloom Gypsy . I just haven't had the time to do it (not because I'm busier than any of you but because I am slower and sooo disorganized ) anyhoo  I honestly think ya'll know more about me than you care too already but since this is the third time I've been honored I'm gonna tell you even MORE :)).  Pardon me if most of it is old news :))
TSC was originally in a mall store...then my Sweetie and I bought a little cottage and moved it there.

Several years ago I started putting TSC on line...and now it is totally a web shop...even though we still have the sweet little cottage.
One of my favorite colors is purple...any shade.

I have a booth in an antique mall ... it is a very small space and I mainly sell lavender, candles and smalls.

When we moved to Georgia I found out that the families of my paternal grandparents were some of the first settlers in NW Georgia.
I am NOT a cat person.   Well....not much of one.

 Now I would love it if you would tell me some thngs about YOU that I might not know.  You know that I appreciate your comments !



Sugah Beez said...

That is neat about your grandparents! My Mom loves lavender colored anything. I love to have coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon (cold or hot).

Anonymous said...

Hi Francie!
Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed learning a few new things about you :)

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Francie, when did you get a mall booth? Did I miss something or just totally out in left field? Yeah, I have been working like crazy getting ready for the mall spot. I wish you could see my studio/office. There is so much stuff in here you have to weave and bob to get through. I am having fun though. I hope to start moving in this weekend after painting. :) xoxo

Debbie said...

I love anything purple too, even though PINK is my official favorite color.

I would love to own a shop in a small cottage. I wouldn't have a thing worth selling because of my remedial crafting issue, but I would still like it.

Maybe a little bookstore...

These are all interesting.

Mary said...

I love your cats. I know all about being slow and disorganized. I have no idea what the answer is. I can't get fast enough or organized enough to figure it out. Hope you have a great day anyway.

Janet Bernasconi said...

You are such a treat to visit..lol I loved reading all the 7 things about you. And I can see how much you don't like cats..lol They are the cutest. And please don't get me started on being disorganized. Everytime I organize I mess it up and have to fix it all up again..lol But it sure keeps us busy right? lol
Love ya my friend. Have a fantastic weekend. I'll be back again to pay you a visit for sure.
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