Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Two beautiful swaps....

 When Debbie Mosaic Magpie   announced a heart swap I jumped on it...not realizing that all the participants would be really really great needle workers.
  Look at the beautiful heart Peggy Day of the Lily created and sent to me (to see the one I sent her please visit her blog)...and dearest Debbie sent the smaller heart as a gift...she created and sent one to all of the swap participants even as her precious husband was in the hospital in critical condition.   We are all praying for Debbie's husband, Debbie and family.  Please take a moment to say a prayer for them, won't you.
The hearts are beautiful front and back

Next, a tea cup swap hosted by Sharon Faith, Hope and Cherry Tea  (don't you love her play on words?).
My swap partner was Anne of Annes Phamily .
I was uncertain as to what I would receive in this swap as I said I would be happy with anything so that left it pretty open .... and look, look !   Anne sent me a number of wonderful things...honey stix, Bourbon creme cookies, a cake recipe booklet, a journal and some Herbal Revive tea (how did she knowww I needed that soooo !!!).
But the tea cup, ahhhhh the tea cup. 
A more beautiful or perfect tea cup could not have been sent.
  I t has a verse from Ecclesiastes 3:1 "To Everything there is a purpose...under heaven." and it is so beautiful ! THANK YOU Anne , I love it.
Anne had requested a tea cup with violets on it and I was so happy to be able to send her one.   Sent a few other little goodies along with it too.
These were two of the most enjoyable swaps I have done.  And imagine, Debbie with a husband in critical condition still got the hearts off to everyone! 

Debbie, I will continue my  prayers for you and hope everyone will join with those of us already praying, and hoping and waiting.  (())


Sherry said...

I too participated in the heart swap and had fun creating my heart and received two beautiful hearts. Yours are so pretty. Your tea cup swap sounds like fun. I would love to participate in one like that some day. I am still praying for Debbie and her husband.

Creative Wings Boutique said...

fabulous swaps!!!
glad u got some beautiful things...
ps wheres the heart u made???

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

absolutely GorGeous swap pkgs for you Francie! LuVly!
i'm sooo pleased for your blessings & that you joined the TeaCup Trade for Valentine's ~
Thank YOU for sharing these with us!


Very nice swap treasures! How doesn't love Hearts and Tea?!!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Francie, A heart swap, now that sounds like fun! They sure are beautiful and tea cups, you know how to pick your swaps....Of course, those are EXACTLY the swaps I would have picked LOL!


Anonymous said...

Hi Francie!
Oh my...these are wonderful swaps. I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed the teacup swap as much as I did. Your partner is very happy too, I bet :) I just sent up a little prayer for your friend and her husband...so nice of you to include the prayer request in your post.
PS Thank you ever so much for listing me on your sidebar as a SLS blogger.

Charlene said...

Francie, Thank you for the sweet words about my Valentine Story. LOVE all the goodies you got in these 2 swaps. I have seen so many hearts & each one so very special. Enjoy your goodies. Charlene

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I sure hope Debbie's husband will be alright. Prayers for him and the family and caregivers. Love your swaps. Aren't they fun? I haven't been able to do one in a while but soon as things calm down around here I hope to participate again. Hearts and love to you Francie. xo

Mya said...

Sorry to hear about Debbie's husband - they have really had a some scary, stressful times.
The heart you made is goregeous - did you sew all those little beads on or did the fabric come that way?And you do embroidery too! Very pretty.
The hearts you received are also very lovely. Many talented ladies out there

Craft Diva said...

wow...all of it is gorgeous, but i am in LOVE with that teacup that you received with the verse from ecclesiastes on it! you are a lucky lady, francie gurl! 8)

Annesphamily said...

Francie your pictures are delightful! I love everything you sent me. I am glad you liked your teacup so well! It just touched my heart and I chose it for you! I am really glad I met you here. Come visit soon I am finally able to get my pics posted. Anne