Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine "littles" swap, a little give away AND PINK Vintage prom dress love....

 My sweet blog friend Tabitha hosted a Valentine "littles" swap and I was very happy to be one of the participants.  We were to send 13 little items (small enough to fit in a candy cup) and would receive 14 back ... easy enough and fun to find the little items to send.
  Tabitha took all the littles and put them in this beautiful box ... look at all the little goodies!  Tabitha always goes that extra little step in everything she does.
If you would like to win a beautiful "little" box and a buncha goodies head over to Tabitha's blog Creative Wings , leave a comment and get you a little LOVE! 
Next look look look !!!    Remember the vintage prom dresses I found?    Well Tabitha said she had been looking for a pink one for years and years and something told me that that dress was meant for her.   So I sent it off in a box along with my "littles" for the Valentine swap and LOOK !!!   Fits her perfectly and isn't she beautiful !   Sometimes, just like Gibbs, ya gotta trust your gut :))  I think I need to send her some petticoats though, you know us Southern gals like our dresses to be full and out to there (waaaaay out to there) .
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 Now don't forget to enter Tabitha's little LOVE giveaway ... (())


Creative Wings Boutique said...

oh my~ miss francie,
I am all a flutter with all ur lovely words for this NY girl! I am just so greatful for a friend like you. Now u need to go take a picture of u in the lovely lavender dress. (if i can do it, you can do it):)
I pink puffy heart u my dear,

Anonymous said...

Honey Lamb and I said :

That dress looks fabulous on her! ~Shelley

February 1, 2011 10:30 AM


What a FUN Valentine swap and the dress does look like it was made for her!
deb :)

Anonymous said...

That dress is perfect for her!! How fun is that? :-)

Pam Kellogg said...

Pretty photos Francie!

Mya said...

Debbie, that was a thoughtful and sweet thing to do. Amazing how it fits. I guess some things are meant to be.

gail said...

Hi Francie! I love the pink prom dress. I would love to have one hanging in my studio! What a fun Valentine Swap too. You can never have enough hearts!
I hope you have a pretty weekend.
(()) gail