Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Please join Annie and me ...

for today's spot of tea! Annie and I have been sooo busy busy today, just like all of you have

been too I'm sure. How did we get so busy? Between our families, homes, friends and work we all just seem to go and go. Well I am sooo happy we have decided to make time to stop and have a spot of tea together. I have a whole grunch of new blog sites bookmarked and I am going to make time to visit you all again too. We aren't having much today but that's okay. We are still having some good conversation and a nice hot cuppa. Do you have someone in your family named Annie? a good friend? I had a GreatAunt Annie...she was beautiful and I was in awe of her long blonde hair. If you post a comment about the Annie you know (even if she is an imaginary friend or Raggedy like mine) I will put your name in a drawing for a sweet surprise.
We will try and have another tea tomorrow afternoon, but I have to tell you I have been having cable "issues" and sometimes can not log on...so if I miss it please be patient I will host my teas as soon as possible...all drawings will be done at the end of the week and goodies sent off on Monday.
My wish for you: that you will not have any 'puter "issues" and will take time for tea even if it isn't fancy.


Anonymous said...

My favorite Annie is myself. My name is Anna but my hubby and all my loved ones call me Annie. I have a daughter that her middle name is also ann wish now I would have named her Ann. My dear sweet great great gram was Ann and that was who I was named after.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Thanks for providing a little tea break! I needed that. I will be back, being from Europe, I drink tea almost every afternoon at around 3:30.


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

What an absolutely charming tea!
I always liked the name Anne, and dreamed of having a little girl whom I would call Annie, but it was not to be.
(perhaps a granddaughter someday? ;)

Sharon said...

Francie I love your sweet tea with Annie, look forward to visiting tomorrow.

Tracy P. said...

Mmm, simple is so often best. Your Annie makes a fine hostess. Thank you! We know a young girl named Annie who is big sister to my son's friend, and who is so sweet to take our little girl under her wing when the families have been together. She's a sweetie!

Come visit us for a garden tea on the Journey.

My Pink Boutique said...

I have an Raggedy Ann, too! I used to love playing tea party with her just as you have your Ann here. I still have the china we shared at our tea parties. :)


IsabellaCloset said...

Oh how adorable! I love Raggedy Annie's and how your tea has made me smile..
My x Mother in laws name was Annie, she was such a dear lady.
Glad I happened upon your tea even if I am a bit late..[
Thanks for sharing sweet Annie with all of us.
Have a lovely day ~Mary~:-}

Joyce said...

I think Annie should come and stay at my tea party for a while!

Debbie said...

Hi Francie....you are such a sweetie! Annie looks like the perfect guest for your tea party...I'm so glad I stopped by. Seeing your blog always makes me feel good. The Annie in my family is my grand-doggie, Anni. She is a black and white mix, part border collie and part beagle, and is a little sweetheart. :)

Thanks for stopping by my teaparty today too.

Pink hugs,
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Dee Light said...

I just love Raggedy Ann!!! She looks like she is having such a wonderful time at the tea party.

ellen b said...

What a sweet setting. I also love your blog presentation....

Belinda said...

Well, it certainly looks like your friend Annie is having a delightful time at your tea party! :-) You are obviously a very gracious hostess.

Dolly said...

My favorite Annie is a lil raggedy doll that my friend made for me...she wears a pink cherry dress so I have named her Cherry Annie!
She has her own pink ice cream chair and stays in my kitchen to watch over us!
She is just the sweetest lil doll! I have always wanted a raggedy annie when I was little now that I am a gramma I have one!

Cherry Annie and I have enjoyed haveing tea with Annie and you!

Thank you so very much...you were a wonderful hostess!

Hugz, Cherry Annie & Dolly

Wild Rose said...


What a delightful post. I would be happy to share a cup of tea.

My Annie was also a Raggedy - I got her for Christmas when I was about 4 years old. She was made by my Mum and came complete with a little crib and blanket. I carried her everywhere. I kept her for years until a dear friend of mine had a daughter who was sick and I passed her on to another little girl who could love her as I did.

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.

Marie x

GardenGoose said...

love Raggedy Anne! this is such a cute little party. :0)

Paula said...

OH I just LOVED your sweet tea! That is SO CUTE! And I love the colors!!! But my daughters, of course, loved the Raggedy Ann party. Squeals of "THAT'S RAGGEDY ANN!" emanated from each one of them!! :) Thank you for sharing!

PG said...

I must have been one of the few children in the UK who knew about Raggety Ann, an old lady had an American edition of the book, probably one of the early editions and she used to lend it to me. I would so love to find that book again, she has such a sweet face, and her little heart inside her.
Francie - a grunch? Is this a teccie term :0)