Thursday, May 3, 2007

Vintage flowers and Vintage loves

I love these vintage flower seed packet sachets...they smell wonderful, like a mix of sweet pea and carnations. I have them stuck in a mirror in my front bedroom, I have them stuck in drawers and I have them stuck in other handy places so that every once in a while I can stop and give them a sniff. I love to give them in a set as gifts or stick one in a card as a little something extra. Mostly I love them because they remind me of my Aunties. Nostalgia. ( I do have them at the Cottage and the web shop under Vintage/Victorian if you want some too.)

Speaking of nostalgia, my SweetiePie got a call today from an old flame. She hurt him badly in his youth and she was calling to apologize. She was sorry because her life didn't turn out quite like she had expected which I think gives one pause to think about people they once cared about and how their lives have turned out. Fortunately my SweetiePie was able to tell her that his life has turned out better than he ever dreamed. Mine too, it's turned out, in fact, much much better.
My wish for you is that your life turns out much, much better than you ever expected too.


OldBagNewTricks said...

Those seed packet sachets are beautiuful! I like the image of them tucked into the corner of a mirror and nestled in a drawer. Just the nicest touch of luxury.

And it's nice that your Sweetiepie got that phone call -- a happy reflection of how nice his life turned out, thanks in no small part to your being there, and to her NOT. And an apology on top of it! That's as good as it gets, isn't it? Jenny

PG said...

Lovely seed packets, the type faces are really special. Isn't it odd how life turns out, I am not sure if I could be as magnanimous as your SP was to the one who hurt him...if the one who treated me so badly when I was young rang me I'd probaly swear at him, even after all these years. But I know it's best to take the High Road over these things...

Rhoda said...

Hi, Francie, I just plantd some seeds this year for the first time & am having fun watching them pop their little heads up. Your seed packages are so pretty.

yes, life can take some interesting twists & turns. Great story about your sweetie-pie.

Happy Friday!

Southern Hospitality

Vallen said...

And that my friend is the definition of "the good life"

Sonia ~ C. Crafts & Collectibles said...

I plant seeds almost every year, and I too love watching until I see that first seedling comming up.
Loved the story about your SP.
Have a great weekend,

Sharon@C'est Chouette said...

Those seed packets are so precious~ a reminder of a simpler time~ Before the hurts and pains of love lost and leassons learned~ and now complete satisfaction with "true love"~ mmmmmmmm I may have to take up gardening ~ or at least get some pretty seed packet to make my happy home smell good.